Why you shouldn’t run two Rails apps on the same server

It sounds convenient right? Install a server once and every time you build an app you add it to the server. If you update something on the server it will be updated for all the apps at the same time. Which may save you time and money.

Is it hard to install multiple apps on the same server? No not at all. Will it save you time setting things up? Yes. Will it make you happy in the long run? No!

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How to scroll back in Tmux

What if your terminal couldn’t scroll back? When I just started using Tmux I didn’t know how to scroll back so I used to run Rails Server in a seperate terminal.

When I finally figured out how to scroll back up I also learned the hard way that you have to scroll down or otherwise your Rails server (and the whole app) will hang.

There are 2 ways of scrolling in Tmux. You can configure them in your .tmux.conf and they can be used together.

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